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Leigh Blackistone is an enigmatic Southern artist who infuses her special brand of passion, energy and creativity into everything she designs. Never fearful to dance on the dark side from time to time, Blackistone seeks to elicit a powerful emotional reaction from her audience in hopes that the images she creates will have a lasting effect – long after the show has come to a close.

By blending aspects of Expressionism, Fauvism, Impressionism, and Surrealism with her own unique style, she is redefining her craft with every brushstroke. Influenced from an early age by the creativity of Hieronymus Bosch, the tragic life of Vincent Van Gogh, the symbolism used by Georgia O’Keefe, the colors of Matisse and Chagall, the mastery of light by Caravaggio, the boldness of Jackson Pollack, and the fluidity of Salvador Dali – Blackistone credits her own mother as her greatest source of inspiration. Thanks to a shared love of nature and fond memories of her mother’s passion for gardening, the artist soon found her preferred subject matter as shown in her tree forms, sensual landscapes, and reminiscent rock formations seen in her new glassworks.  It’s not unusual for exotic varietals from the garden she sows at her Atlanta home to flow forth from her paintbrush when in the studio.

Blackistone's newest medium with Glass Art has been capturing collectors as soon as it hit the market back in 2015.  Blackistone uses different mediums, chemicals, and paint transparencies to create a fluid movement of color that is abstract but suggestive of nature & extremely dimensional drawing the viewer through the glass. 

After receiving dual degrees in Painting and Photography from the University of Georgia’s School of Fine Art, Blackistone displayed her talent to critical acclaim at numerous shows in Athens and Atlanta, and throughout the southeast. 

Blackistone revels in the history of her craft, studies the Masters, and continues to hone her talent through private commissions, and selling from galleries and various art showings.  She welcomes the opportunity to inspire others and make a little history of her own through her work. Her paintings and glassworks can be seen gracing the walls of homes all over the South and at the gallery she owns with her husband – Carter House Gallery & Framing in Alpharetta, Georgia.

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